Sunday, January 24, 2010

How does diet soda make you fat?

You have to watch this! This is vital information about the effects of what many americans consider harmless foods. Knowledge is power when it comes to your health!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Here we go girls! We have had our first official weigh in on Thursday and Friday and the results are AMAZING! First of all the top 3 losers are....

1st place Kerri DeRenzo 6.4%
2nd place Mary Costas 6.3%
3rd place Michelle Postel 6.0%

Congratulations on a job well done! We are well on our way to a healthy new year! There will be small gifts for the top 3 losers each week after our weigh ins.

Now the most exciting part, ready for this? In just 2 weeks our Biggest Loser contestants have dropped a total of 135.5 pounds!!! You lost a whole person!

Even more amazing than that is the fact that your choices are having an impact on those around you. We are hearing sorties of husbands and children benefiting from your commitment to health! You have the ability to impact an entire culture! I believe the day is coming when we will have a hard time finding an overweight person in our city! There is talk of other ministries at WOL jumping on board in a challenge of their own. See what you have started! You have become a catalyst for change!

Keep up the good habits!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 14

Tomorrow is Thursday the next day being Friday. Profound, I know. But it is a MOPS week, our 1st meeting since we began our Biggest Loser adventure! This, for some, may be fraught with excitement, renewed motivation, disappointment, discouragement or just wondering how you are gong to navigate a table full of food that is most likely not on the "A" list for your new, healthy way of eating!

Remember this is not about the scale, or a number, or a size! It is not about what you can or cannot eat. The only thing you are depriving yourself of by giving in to old habits is a lean healthy body and lifestyle and a legacy of health to pass on to your children and grandchildren and beyond. Todays struggles are NOT about you! It's not about food, its not about weight! It IS about the habits and attitudes we pass on to the next generation. Heavy, I know, but lets face it. It is easier to joke about it or avoid it. This season in our lives we have made the choice to face it head on and watch what God will do when we partner with Him in our struggles.

Instead of avoiding the food table tomorrow (and Friday), lets face this mountain together. Zechariah 4:6 tells us that "It is not by might or by power but by MY SPIRIT, says the Lord. He promises to make the mountains in our lives level ground!

Here are some tips....

Stay away from "trigger" foods at all cost. Know what your trigger foods are. Mine is bread, such as danish, bagels, that AMAZING french toast dish! If it is sugar, don't start! ( by the way, bread immediately turns to sugar in the blood stream) It awakens a pattern of insulin response in your body that will eventually cause diabetes. If you want more information on body chemistry and how food effects our body on the INSIDE, contact me!

Do not tell yourself "I cant eat! You CHOOSE not to eat non nutritious food that harms your body, and you CHOOSE to eat life giving food in reasonable amounts.

Drink at least 16ozs of water before you arrive and either have breakfast and choose not to eat, or practice making good choices with the food available. This is a skill you will use ALWAYS! Food is everywhere. We are not avoiding it we are facing it!

Choose food that is rich in nutrition

Eat reasonable amounts of protein and carbohydrates together such as, fruit and cottage cheese, veggies and lean meat, eggs and whole grain toast.

East small amounts often.

Dont skip meals and snacks. This reinforces a horrific patter in your body chemistry and adversely affects your metabolism. (the bodies ability to burn food as fuel)

Find a MOPS buddy for accountability that will call you to your greatness, not call out your weakness. Someone that will be your biggest cheerleader! I am available by the way!

Hang in there girls! This is a lifestyle change, so regardless if you have had a good, great or miserable 2 weeks, we are facing this together and we will see God move mountains in our lives!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 12

Well, 2 weeks in and if your anything like me you have one of two things going on. Either you are really making progress and feeling motivated or the initial motivation is waning and old thought patterns and habit are desperately trying to creep back in. I hope the first is the case but those that are struggling, I have some thoughts.

Much of our success or failure is not so much rooted in our outward actions but our inward thoughts. The things we think about, the thoughts we identify with and agree with. They are most likely very familiar and comfortable ways of thinking, reinforced by years of experience. Where do we get our identity? Here are a few ways. Our family of origin, our career, our children, our money, or lack of money, our appearance, our strengths our weaknesses. I am sure you get the idea. As I listed these things, one or two most likely stood out to you. The question to ask is not is this true about me but is this the way God sees me? If you are not convinced that God sees you as perfect because of who HE is, you will tend to believe the words of others, the lies of the enemy or your own thoughts. God always calls us to agree with Him. God says that every promise written in His word is for us and He says yes and amen to it our our lives! Jesus is truth and His word trumps every other so called "truth" that we are living under. Do you live in fear? Gods love casts out all fear! Do you live in regret? He says there is no condemnation for us! You think you are undisciplined? He says you have the very mind of Christ. Whatever you are aware of is what you will be under the influence of.

This spoke volumes to me because I have struggled my whole life with eating compulsively. I would tell people, "I am aware that I am a compulsive over eater and I know I will always struggle with this". Wow, talk about setting myself up for failure! This revelation has been huge in my life! When I choose to be aware of the words God speaks about me I begin to live under the influence of His truth in my life, not my own thoughts that do not line up with who He says I am!

IDENTITY, who are you? Here is a list.

complete in Christ
highly favored
blessed with EVERY spiritual gift
the apple of God's eye
the very image of God
God's daughter


We can choose what we are going to agree with. Which thoughts are you going to believe and which ones are you going to challenge? Which thoughts will you be under the influence of today? When a thought comes to you, ask yourself if it lines up with who God says you are. I am getting MUCH better at this. Not only are my thoughts lining up with God's, but now my words are lining up as well! This is a good thing!

Be encouraged today! If you have lost some momentum, just pick up where you left off, just like you do with the never ending pile of laundry. Just because is looms large some days and you are a few days behind doesn't mean you stop doing laundry. Now that a good word!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 7

Well, here we are. One week into the Biggest Loser. I have to say I have been overwhelmed with ideas of things to share! We will have some guest bloggers and come away from this next 3 months transformed from the inside out! Lets encourage one another and call out all beauty, strength and talent in each other! You are all such precious daughters and when your heavenly father looks at you he is so pleased. Good days, bad days, successes and failures. No matter what you are his favorite. He only made one of you so everyone could be his favorite! I know I am! He just loves me! Keep that at the forefront of your mind and heart. Be patient and kind with yourself as you form new habits. Remember this is NOT a diet. Everything you eat IS your diet.

A few tips to keep in mind over the next week. Write down EVERYTHING you eat and how much! This will help you become aware of how much you eat and when. Be honest! This process is all about honesty. Truth is what brings freedom. Keep track of your water intake. As you lose weight you need lots of water to flush your system. The worst of the hunger and dissatisfaction should be over. This next week your energy should be increasing provided you are eating enough and making healthy food choices.

Know your weak spots! Don't go to the store hungry, don't buy your favorite cookies for "the family". You know how that can end! Pray, a lot! God wants you healthy more than you want to be healthy! Rely on him to give you the grace in this season.

You go girls! Remember you are amazing, beautiful and strong women and where you are weak, God promises to be your strength! More later......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2 (or for some of you, day 3)

Well, 1/2 way through the day. Pretty good so far but fighting the feeling of just wanting something to eat as entertainment. It's Saturday, family is all busy and even though there are a million things to do I feel a little bored. During the holidays there was always something sitting around to munch on and the rational was "it's the holidays!" Then the rational becomes "it's a BBQ, it's a birthday party, it's a wedding, it's the weekend, it's a celebration, it's MOPS, everyone else is having whatever they want! I never have to look for an excuse to over-eat the excuse finds me, all the time! The cycle is never ending unless I choose to change it.

Over the next few months we will explore our motives as they relate to food, our triggers and why we over-eat and our perception, how we see food. If you are ready to be honest, you will face things you don't like about yourself. You will look at the choices you have made over the years that have brought you to your current weight.

You will also discover things the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you. Your true identity, how much God loves you just the way you are TODAY, how beautiful you are, how talented you are and what your true passions are! Not chocolate, but what you were born for! And that is just for starters! At some point I will share with you my lifelong struggle with food, where I have had success and where I continure to fail some days.

I am very excited to witness the transformation that God is doing in each of us. It is a new year but it is also a year of supernatural breakthrough! Mountians that seemed so big in the past we be leveled. We are moving into new places, new identity, new strategies and taking back things that the enemy has stolen!

I encourge you to take a few minutes each morning and initiate a conversation with God and EXPECT him to ansewer you! Some of you will see a mental picture in your mind, some will hear Gods voice in your heart, some won't hear anyting but will read a scripture or run into someone that will speak God's heart to you, some will see a picture or watch a movie or hear God's voice through your children. God is not limited in the ways he chooses to communicate with you. He will speak when we take a few moments each day to invite His presence and listen. Ask him to open your eyes and ears and hearts to hear His voice in whatever form it takes.

We are also entering into a week of prayer and fasting for any MOPS moms from Water of Life. Fasting is an amazing tool to hear more clearly the voice of God. It doesn't have to be total fast. Maybe one meal but whatever you choose just know God is waiting to share His heart with you, even if you don't fast at all or, as is often the case with me, fast with an underlying motive of losing weight! Hey, just keeping it real!

So lets enjoy this together, what an amazing way to start the new year! I am praying for each of you!

day 2....stayed tuned

We will have fun and learn from each other, encourage each other, share tips, recipes, find mornings to walk together, maybe even have a boot camp or yoga class! God is going to change more than just our bodies in this 3 months. I am committed to praying for each of you everyday! You are all beautiful, strong women and come April you will be stronger and even more beautiful, inside and out!!!

Running with you!

Biggest Loser... Day one

OK, its day one girls! I was pretty motivated this morning, breakfast was good. A slice of toasted Ezekiel bread with 2 egg whites and some left over veggies from dinner last night.

Thanks to some extended overeating over the holidays I was hungry about 1/2 hour later! My stomach is getting used to the feeling of not being full or should I say, over full! The first week is the toughest when making big changes in your daily caloric intake with day 4 being the worst.

A few tips....
Drink lots of water, 10, 8oz glasses spread out thouout the day and more if you are exercising. Eat 6 times a day, every 3 hours.
Snacks should be small (about 100 calories) and include protien and a carbohydrate such as a fruit or vegetable or whole grain.
ALWAYS carry snacks with you if you will be out for more than 3-4 hours.
Be honest about your portions.
Expect to be a bit dissatisfied at first as your body adjusts and gets used to less food.
Expect your energy to go up, up, up, as your body sheds the excess food that was sitting in your digestive tract.
Your body will immediately begin to function more efficiently with less food and more water.
Be sure you are taking in at least 1200 calories a day, more if you are exercising.
Consume the bulk of your calories before 4pm, dinner being a lighter meal.
Do your best not to eat after 6pm unless it is your small snack.
Let go of the diet, performance mentality!
When you make a less than stellar choice, give yourself a break and right back to it!
Move! Walk, park in the back of the parking lot, take the stairs (when we I went to New York City my friends thought I was crazy for taking the stairs up to the 11th floor, I didnt gain any weight on that trip!) dance while cooking dinner! Anything! This is a lifestyle change not a 3 month sentence!

Please email any questions, nutritional or exercise related to me or use facebook, I will respond here on the blog and hope to have a post most days.