Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 7

Well, here we are. One week into the Biggest Loser. I have to say I have been overwhelmed with ideas of things to share! We will have some guest bloggers and come away from this next 3 months transformed from the inside out! Lets encourage one another and call out all beauty, strength and talent in each other! You are all such precious daughters and when your heavenly father looks at you he is so pleased. Good days, bad days, successes and failures. No matter what you are his favorite. He only made one of you so everyone could be his favorite! I know I am! He just loves me! Keep that at the forefront of your mind and heart. Be patient and kind with yourself as you form new habits. Remember this is NOT a diet. Everything you eat IS your diet.

A few tips to keep in mind over the next week. Write down EVERYTHING you eat and how much! This will help you become aware of how much you eat and when. Be honest! This process is all about honesty. Truth is what brings freedom. Keep track of your water intake. As you lose weight you need lots of water to flush your system. The worst of the hunger and dissatisfaction should be over. This next week your energy should be increasing provided you are eating enough and making healthy food choices.

Know your weak spots! Don't go to the store hungry, don't buy your favorite cookies for "the family". You know how that can end! Pray, a lot! God wants you healthy more than you want to be healthy! Rely on him to give you the grace in this season.

You go girls! Remember you are amazing, beautiful and strong women and where you are weak, God promises to be your strength! More later......

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