Friday, January 22, 2010

Here we go girls! We have had our first official weigh in on Thursday and Friday and the results are AMAZING! First of all the top 3 losers are....

1st place Kerri DeRenzo 6.4%
2nd place Mary Costas 6.3%
3rd place Michelle Postel 6.0%

Congratulations on a job well done! We are well on our way to a healthy new year! There will be small gifts for the top 3 losers each week after our weigh ins.

Now the most exciting part, ready for this? In just 2 weeks our Biggest Loser contestants have dropped a total of 135.5 pounds!!! You lost a whole person!

Even more amazing than that is the fact that your choices are having an impact on those around you. We are hearing sorties of husbands and children benefiting from your commitment to health! You have the ability to impact an entire culture! I believe the day is coming when we will have a hard time finding an overweight person in our city! There is talk of other ministries at WOL jumping on board in a challenge of their own. See what you have started! You have become a catalyst for change!

Keep up the good habits!!!

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