Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 2 (or for some of you, day 3)

Well, 1/2 way through the day. Pretty good so far but fighting the feeling of just wanting something to eat as entertainment. It's Saturday, family is all busy and even though there are a million things to do I feel a little bored. During the holidays there was always something sitting around to munch on and the rational was "it's the holidays!" Then the rational becomes "it's a BBQ, it's a birthday party, it's a wedding, it's the weekend, it's a celebration, it's MOPS, everyone else is having whatever they want! I never have to look for an excuse to over-eat the excuse finds me, all the time! The cycle is never ending unless I choose to change it.

Over the next few months we will explore our motives as they relate to food, our triggers and why we over-eat and our perception, how we see food. If you are ready to be honest, you will face things you don't like about yourself. You will look at the choices you have made over the years that have brought you to your current weight.

You will also discover things the Holy Spirit wants to reveal to you. Your true identity, how much God loves you just the way you are TODAY, how beautiful you are, how talented you are and what your true passions are! Not chocolate, but what you were born for! And that is just for starters! At some point I will share with you my lifelong struggle with food, where I have had success and where I continure to fail some days.

I am very excited to witness the transformation that God is doing in each of us. It is a new year but it is also a year of supernatural breakthrough! Mountians that seemed so big in the past we be leveled. We are moving into new places, new identity, new strategies and taking back things that the enemy has stolen!

I encourge you to take a few minutes each morning and initiate a conversation with God and EXPECT him to ansewer you! Some of you will see a mental picture in your mind, some will hear Gods voice in your heart, some won't hear anyting but will read a scripture or run into someone that will speak God's heart to you, some will see a picture or watch a movie or hear God's voice through your children. God is not limited in the ways he chooses to communicate with you. He will speak when we take a few moments each day to invite His presence and listen. Ask him to open your eyes and ears and hearts to hear His voice in whatever form it takes.

We are also entering into a week of prayer and fasting for any MOPS moms from Water of Life. Fasting is an amazing tool to hear more clearly the voice of God. It doesn't have to be total fast. Maybe one meal but whatever you choose just know God is waiting to share His heart with you, even if you don't fast at all or, as is often the case with me, fast with an underlying motive of losing weight! Hey, just keeping it real!

So lets enjoy this together, what an amazing way to start the new year! I am praying for each of you!


  1. Lost eight pounds already!!! YAY!!!!! Keeping the Faith!

  2. Wow! 8 pounds Mary? I don't know who you are, but you just became my biggest competition...lol! I've lost 6 so far! So excited!!!

  3. really mary???? 8lbs??? good job

  4. Wow, I thought I was doing amazing with 4 pounds! Mary, what is your secret?

  5. Weight Watcher, best "diet" out there. Lost 120 pounds on it, just doing a do over after having baby #5!! 33 more pounds to go!!! Sure sounds alot better than the over 40 that I started with. Hang in there everyone, this can and will happen!!