Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 14

Tomorrow is Thursday the next day being Friday. Profound, I know. But it is a MOPS week, our 1st meeting since we began our Biggest Loser adventure! This, for some, may be fraught with excitement, renewed motivation, disappointment, discouragement or just wondering how you are gong to navigate a table full of food that is most likely not on the "A" list for your new, healthy way of eating!

Remember this is not about the scale, or a number, or a size! It is not about what you can or cannot eat. The only thing you are depriving yourself of by giving in to old habits is a lean healthy body and lifestyle and a legacy of health to pass on to your children and grandchildren and beyond. Todays struggles are NOT about you! It's not about food, its not about weight! It IS about the habits and attitudes we pass on to the next generation. Heavy, I know, but lets face it. It is easier to joke about it or avoid it. This season in our lives we have made the choice to face it head on and watch what God will do when we partner with Him in our struggles.

Instead of avoiding the food table tomorrow (and Friday), lets face this mountain together. Zechariah 4:6 tells us that "It is not by might or by power but by MY SPIRIT, says the Lord. He promises to make the mountains in our lives level ground!

Here are some tips....

Stay away from "trigger" foods at all cost. Know what your trigger foods are. Mine is bread, such as danish, bagels, that AMAZING french toast dish! If it is sugar, don't start! ( by the way, bread immediately turns to sugar in the blood stream) It awakens a pattern of insulin response in your body that will eventually cause diabetes. If you want more information on body chemistry and how food effects our body on the INSIDE, contact me!

Do not tell yourself "I cant eat! You CHOOSE not to eat non nutritious food that harms your body, and you CHOOSE to eat life giving food in reasonable amounts.

Drink at least 16ozs of water before you arrive and either have breakfast and choose not to eat, or practice making good choices with the food available. This is a skill you will use ALWAYS! Food is everywhere. We are not avoiding it we are facing it!

Choose food that is rich in nutrition

Eat reasonable amounts of protein and carbohydrates together such as, fruit and cottage cheese, veggies and lean meat, eggs and whole grain toast.

East small amounts often.

Dont skip meals and snacks. This reinforces a horrific patter in your body chemistry and adversely affects your metabolism. (the bodies ability to burn food as fuel)

Find a MOPS buddy for accountability that will call you to your greatness, not call out your weakness. Someone that will be your biggest cheerleader! I am available by the way!

Hang in there girls! This is a lifestyle change, so regardless if you have had a good, great or miserable 2 weeks, we are facing this together and we will see God move mountains in our lives!!!

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